The Southwire Women’s Network

The Southwire Women’s Network strives to make our environment more inclusive for women. This newly formed group focuses on the development of current and future women leaders through educational and networking events. In 2015, the group kicked off with the Leadership Series featuring two Southwire Board Directors to learn from their journeys as successful business leaders and women.

The Women’s Network also hosted a career development workshop led by Ginny Clarke, author of Career Mapping. The event was attended by over 300 salaried professionals and live streamed to other Southwire locations. Ginny provided a perspective of how to create your own course to develop a portfolio of skills through a pathway of career experiences.

The network also began establishing ties with Womenetics in 2015, a career development organization with a vision of advancing women in the workplace. After a successful pilot with high-potential women from Southwire, the network plans to purchase a Womenetics membership in 2016 to expand the access across the company.

The Women’s Network set clear goals for each event with defined metrics for success:

2015 Events Target Actual
Network Event 20% female attendance 50%
75% favorable response 90%
Career Mapping 40% female attendance 48%
20% male attendance 53%
75% favorable response 94%