Partnering for Growth with Jess Diaz Trucking

To better serve a large utility customer located in the western region of the United States, Southwire needed to provide additional product transportation and logistics capabilities in California. Consistent with our ongoing commitment to strengthen the sustainability of our supply chain, we sought out qualified diverse suppliers located in the area who could help us meet this challenge.

Jess Diaz Trucking Inc. (JDT) is a family-owned and operated Certified Minority Business that annually ranks among Hispanic Business Magazine’s 500 largest Hispanic-owned companies. JDT has provided customers with reliable, on-time transportation services since 1976. Their mission: to safely and successfully transport goods through strong teamwork with a friendly attitude and a helpful approach.

Dimas Diaz Sr. now runs the company with a team that includes his wife Lili, sons and daughters Julie, Michelle, Dimas Jr., Matthew, and Andrew, and two dedicated employees, Carmen and Francene, who each have been with JDT for over 20 years. They all hold dear the work ethic passed down from “Grandpa” Jess.  From one truck Jess Diaz Trucking currently has almost 100 tractors and over 200 trailers in operation daily.  With JDT’s reputation of reliability that number will continue to grow.

Southwire’s relationship with JDT has also contributed to this growth. In the early stages of this partnership, JDT started delivering a few loads per week for Southwire, but in 2014 that business has grown and now services over 10 truckloads per day. Today, Southwire has increased our spend to a level five times greater than the amount it was when the relationship began in 2012—a strong testament to the relationship that has been cultivated between our respective organizations. We look forward to many more years of successful partnership.