“On the Money” Bends with the BENDstation™ Pro workstation

Southwire Tools and Assembled Products provide our customers with efficiency, safety and reliability from the start of a project through completion. In 2014, Southwire was pleased to release the BENDstation™ Pro workstation, a revolutionary new approach to bending conduit. The BENDstation™ Pro workstation allows for simple, quick and accurate measurements to improve productivity while lowering job site fatigue and lessening injuries.

Ray Miller, one of our valued customers, used Southwire’s BENDstation™ Pro workstation in the development of a medical center in Pennsylvania. The room where Miller focused his attention contained a linear accelerator to treat cancer patients. With 3- to 7-foot thick concrete walls, ceiling and floor in the room, an accurate bender is very important when “roughing.” As he explained, “Having a bender like this has been a huge help.” Miller experienced more accurate “on the money” bends as well as savings in time and labor—and less strain on his body. The measurements were perfect, and it was more accurate than a hand bender. Miller was very pleased that the work he did was correct the first time—he didn’t have to change anything. “Productive. That would be one word to sum up this tool.”

Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine (EC&M) shares Miller’s appreciation for the BENDstation™ Pro. Named Product of the Year in the category of Tools (Power and Equipment) by EC&M Magazine, the BENDstation™ Pro workstation was voted on by a panel of judges who represent electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting and plant facilities maintenance industries. Miller’s feedback and the EC&M award underscore Southwire’s continued commitment to serving our customers and introducing innovative new solutions to the market.

Watch Ray Miller’s video testimonial.