Flexible Aluminum Down Tower Cable for Wind Market Segment

Southwire is excited to introduce a more flexible aluminum cable solution for US wind tower manufacturers this spring – flexible aluminum down tower cable. The OEM business unit wrote its first large order with Nordex for this product and even hosted the Nordex team at the Douglas Plant the week of March 27th so that they could evaluate the process first-hand.

Key attributes include:

  • EPR/CPE AL RHH construction allows a lower cost alternative to copper cables inside the length of the towers
  • Product has been tested at the Cofer Center and is shown to be oil resistant for many of the oils in a wind turbine
  • Construction allows enough flexibility to run cables from the top of the tower to the bottom and 90 degrees into the tower access box, thus eliminating the need for a 90-degree junction box and an additional copper transition cable

Southwire will continue to pursue opportunities for this product line within current markets and others as well. Developing this cable for Nordex has been about a 2-year approval process and proved to truly be a collaborative effort between the customer, engineering, manufacturing and sales.