Bremen Hosts Disaster Relief Collection Drive

In the wake of severe flooding in Marshall and Elkhart counties, located in Indiana, Bremen’s Project GIFT team hosted a disaster relief collection drive to provide much-needed supplies to victims of the flood. The Saint Joseph, Yellow, Tippecanoe, Kankakee and Elkhart Rivers flooded to historic levels throughout the last week of February, damaging hundreds of homes and displacing several residents. According to Jodie Overmyer, Giving Back coordinator, several members of the community, including Southwire employees, were affected by the flooding.

“Within the first several days, many people, including our employees, were affected by flooded roads, which meant finding alternate routes to work, along with flooded basements from which they were constantly trying to remove water,” said Overmyer. “Many others who lived along the rivers in each county were displaced from their homes and are still struggling with the clean-up and restoration efforts. I personally know a family that is still living with neighbors as they work on restoring their home to a livable status, while also trying to carry on with normal, daily life.”

Bremen’s Project GIFT team hosted their third disaster relief collection drive to collect food for flood victims. In addition to the one-day collection, the team also donated $2,500 to United Way of Marshall County and $2,500 to the Elkhart County Community Foundation to assist with repairing and replacing hot water heaters, furnaces and other appliances that were damaged. Since the flooding subsided, victims are still working to repair and restore damages, but disaster relief efforts throughout the community have made a substantial impact in the clean-up process. “We live in an incredible community,” said Overmyer. “In tough times like these, it is amazing to see the support despite the hardship many are facing and the unity that brings us all together.”