12 for Life Drives Leadership

Supervisors at Southwire’s MC Cable Plant in Carrollton, Georgia, simultaneously ensure that employees work in the safest conditions while producing a high-quality product. One of Southwire’s newest supervisors at that plant, Ashley Jordan, began as a student in the 12 for Life program.

“I had a child in high school,” Jordan said. “I wanted to drop out, but I learned about the 12 for Life program. It gave me hope for a future.”

Jordan began 12 for Life in 2007 and graduated in 2009. Her experience soon led to an internship at Southwire; after working for one year, she joined the company full-time.

In 2013, Jordan decided to further her career and applied for a supervisor position. The applicant pool of approximately 30 narrowed after the first round of interviews. The remaining applicants took a supervisor test to measure the skills needed to perform well as a supervisor, and Jordan participated in an additional interview with the plant manager. Shortly thereafter, Jordan learned that she earned the job.

“Supervisors must possess great leadership qualities,” said Candice Winters, the plant’s human resources manager. “They are our front line leadership and have a huge impact in everything that happens on the floor – from safety and quality to maintaining a positive work environment.”

Supervisors are the front line coaches, and they are responsible for a group of employees. These men and women continually conduct huddles and employee evaluations for optimum success within their shift. At the end of their shift, they review the area for housekeeping to ensure that employees are working in a safe and clean environment.

This position has opened the door for many other career opportunities. Jordan plans to eventually become a manager, and she will always remember her experience at 12 for Life and the program’s impact on the lives of local students.

“During my early high school years, I was about to give up,” Jordan said. “I was a young mom with no plans, no goals and no foreseeable future ahead of me. Through Southwire, 12 for Life and the vision of Stu Thorn and so many others at Southwire with the same passion to provide opportunities for people like me, I have developed a really strong drive for success.”