The Power Rangers: Bringing Fun to Work

Employees are Southwire’s most important resource; much more than that, they are family. As such, Southwire looks for new and innovative ways to make employees feel at home. Following the results of a recent Employee Engagement Survey, Energy took steps to help bring the fun back to work and ensure that employees were being recognized for their contributions toward achieving division goals. As a result of these efforts, the Power Rangers were formed.

The Power Rangers consists of division employees who volunteer their time to create celebrations for division achievements and look for ways to help bring fun into the work day. Among their tasks, the Power Rangers provide small birthday gifts to Energy employees; coordinate “Random Acts of Funness”, like bringing in an ice cream truck on a hot Summer day; and coordinate large celebrations for division achievements, like having Waffle House cater a breakfast or planning a Family Fall Festival.

In addition to division achievements, the Power Rangers also coordinate individual recognitions through the Hard Hat program. Each employee in the division is provided a hard hat. Throughout the year, his or her manager and peers may award him or her stickers of achievement. At the end of the year, the Power Rangers give those who have earned the most stickers a monetary award.

“Ultimately, our goal as a division is to let our employees know that they are appreciated and that their efforts are recognized,” said Allison Thrash, Southwire’s Marketing Manager. “We don’t always say thank you as often as we should for an employee’s hard work but, through the Power Rangers, we are able to express our gratitude for the efforts each person in the division puts forth to help achieve our goals.”