Southwire Invests in a Flexible Future

To carry out Southwire’s five-year business strategy, the organization needs a workforce that is flexible, adaptable and accountable for expectations. In efforts to Build Organizational Capability around those strengths, the company will continue to find ways to work smarter and create a more inclusive environment, realizing that people have different preferences and ways of learning and working.

As the business grows, it is imperative that the way employees work evolve to reflect the changing workforce. While Southwire continues to cultivate a culture of empowerment and trust, the company opened a Commuter Hub in tandem with the Flexible Work Schedule policy in the Employee Handbook.

The facility currently has a two-to three-year lease and opened in May 2018. Located near SunTrust Park, at the 285/75 junction, the Hub offers space for approximately 12 employees and includes a large conference room and small interview room.

According to Kelley Park, senior vice president of talent management, offering this space is one of the ways employees can take advantage of the company’s new policy.

“By opening this Hub, we are bringing the Flexible Work Schedule policy to life,” said Park. “We know many employees struggle to find a work-life balance, so using employee feedback, we are looking to find ways to alleviate some of that stress.”

The company also recently announced the extension of United States parental leave from three days to 10 days, taking effect in July 2018. According to Park, this Hub is another example of the evolution that will be vital to the company’s growth.

“As with the expansion of parental leave, this is another way we can invest in our people,” said Park. “This Hub is also a way expand our talent pool and attract new talent, while empowering our current employees with the freedom and responsibility that is vital to performance.”