Living Well Expands the Meaning of Wellness

In 2018, Southwire’s Living Well team will continue to expand the meaning of wellness beyond physicality through The Whole You – the organization’s total rewards brand dedicated to supporting and developing employees’ entire well-being.

The Whole You encompasses each facet of professional experience, including health, career, pay, community, life and future. Each part of The Whole You includes tools Southwire provides employees to improve their wellness. According to Cayla Lee, Living Well manager, a holistic approach to wellness is the key to being successful in all aspects of employees’ lives.

“It is important to understand and recognize that one area of your life impacts all other areas of your life,” said Lee. “If you think about your financial stress, it impacts your work life, emotional and mental health, relationships and vice versa. We have many total rewards in place that can help employees take charge of their health as it relates to all of these areas, which will in turn exponentially improve their overall well-being.”

To provide employees with the proper tools to optimize their wellness, the Living Well team is planning “Activate” events at a different location each quarter. Each event will provide employees with opportunities to find out more about each area of The Whole You and identify areas of improvement in their lives.

“We strive to be an avenue of information and resources for employees to explore how to better their well-being,” said Lee. “We will provide education, trainings and Activate events at select locations throughout the year to help employees engage with this information and resources.”

For more information about each part of The Whole You, employees may visit The iAM Exchange at or stay tuned to the Southwire News Network (SNN).