Creating an environment among Southwire’s board and employee population where individuals from diverse backgrounds (ethnic, cultural, generational, economic, etc.) feel included and comfortable expressing varied thoughts and perspectives


Promoting a culture of inclusivity for diverse individuals benefits both our business and our employees. As an employer searching for top talent, and as a responsible supplier, Southwire maintains a strong commitment to ensuring our workforce continues to reflect our complex and evolving world.

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Our Approach

Southwire, like other companies across the country, is planning for major demographic and social changes over the coming years. We hope to attract and retain the top talent in our industry by promoting a culture that values varied thoughts and perspectives.

Diversity extends beyond physical characteristics to include diversity of thought and perspective, which promotes a more innovative and creative environment. At Southwire, we believe an inclusive culture enables talent to flourish and encourages our employees to reach their highest potential. We believe that if we strive for inclusion, diversity will naturally follow. Weaving employees into our community, regardless of their background, demonstrates to all potential candidates that they have a home at Southwire. Simply stated, Southwire wants employees to feel empowered, see diversity and experience inclusivity.

Southwire continues to develop and deploy tools and resources to connect employees with new perspectives. Whether it is through Southwire’s Project Gift® activities, the 12 For Life® mentorship program, attending employee resource group functions, or being part of a Sounding Board which connects employees with executive management, we continue to build programs that span a wide spectrum for greater impact.


In 2016, we created a new senior leadership role responsible for building a comprehensive diversity and inclusivity strategy for the entire organization. We also began expanding our foundation for awareness by establishing three new employee resource groups, composed of employees from various business areas, with each having its own executive sponsor. We now have four groups building objectives to create awareness and a more inclusive workplace for women, people of color and a multi-generational workforce in both manufacturing and corporate environments. An Inclusivity Council was formed, including members of the employee resource groups, to provide input directly to the Executive Leadership Team with quarterly meetings. We also conducted an executive workshop focused on unconscious bias.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

We report diversity measurements along with national benchmarks quarterly to Southwire’s board of directors and senior leadership. To objectively determine the inclusivity of Southwire’s culture, we track a variety of metrics.

Our employee engagement survey, which measures the Southwire employee experience, enables us to track inclusion. For example, we ascertain whether there are differences in how various demographics respond to the questions and whether the experience aligns with Southwire’s values.

Our quarterly Human Capital Dashboard measures average years of service, percentage of female employees, average age, percentage of minorities, biometric grades and turnover of high potential employees.

Our Performance

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Looking ahead, Southwire aims to increase inclusion in various ways. In 2014, we developed the following inclusion goals.

Metric 2015 2016
  • Achieve a 40% improvement in the number of females in the workforce by year-end 2017.
  • Improve diversity within the “high potential” pool of future leadership by 20% by year-end 2017.
  • 22% female (5% improvement)
  • 30% diversity (0% improvement)
  • 20%
  • 23.5%