Living Well

Employee Wellness

Making resources available to promote the health and well-being of employees

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Our Approach

Our greatest asset is the Southwire family, and we can proudly say that multiple generations work for us. Our heritage as a family-owned company inspires us to treat our employees like family and contribute to their physical and emotional well-being. Healthy workers are essential to maintaining our competitive advantage and an attractive culture. Therefore, we have implemented a number of robust initiatives.

Southwire Total Rewards

In 2015, a platform for engaging in conversations with our employees about Southwire Total Rewards for their entire well-being was born, extending into our inclusivity strategy of providing choice and offering a broad range of rewards to support diverse family needs and structures.

Southwire offers a broad portfolio of rewards to promote emotional, physical and financial well-being. In order to arrive at this comprehensive offering, we began by asking how we could connect Southwire families to these rewards and how we could garner action to maximize them. Rather than simply listing all the benefits, we connected an action for employees. It is not just about offering medical benefits, it is about “Focusing on my Health.” It is not just about paying for time off, it is more about “Living my Life.” Join us on the journey of how we are engaging Southwire families with their Total Rewards and continuing these conversations for years to come.

Employee Engagement

We connect employee well-being with leadership at the highest level: our senior director of Living Well reports to our executive vice president of human resources, who reports directly to our chief executive officer. For more on our Southwire’s governance structure, click here.

We relaunched our health committees to further assist employees in integrating healthy practices in their lives. In 2015, Southwire had 22 active committees and plans to launch more in newly acquired locations in 2016. Active committees implemented family fun days, health recordkeeping challenges and weight maintenance/loss challenges.

In 2015, we conducted our annual biometric screenings with a 98 percent participation rate and screened more than 1,000 additional employees. Tobacco use and weight management are areas Southwire focuses on for improving physical health. Tobacco use increased 1.7 percent company-wide, but tobacco use among people screened for the past three consecutive years was down 1 percent from the prior year. On February 1, 2016 Southwire launched “Quit for Life” to assist employees in their effort to stop smoking. With respect to weight management, approximately 80 percent of Southwire employees have borderline or high-risk BMI compared to a 69 percent national average, even after 7,333 pounds were lost in 2015.  The journey continues with the 2016 weight loss challenge currently underway.

On-Site Support

Research shows the importance of making health easy for employees by creating a health-oriented environment. Southwire gives employees the opportunity to make healthy choices through:

  • Tobacco-free Policies. All Southwire locations prohibit smoking and other use of tobacco on Southwire property.
  • Medical Facilities. In the Carrollton, Georgia area, home to 41 percent of our workforce, we offer an on-site medical center and pharmacy that has operated for more than 20 years. Not only are our services comprehensive, but they are also cost-effective.
  • Nutrition Programs. Southwire presents nutritious options in our on-site cafeteria and vending. We list healthful vending options at a reduced price to encourage their consumption; track healthy purchases to better understand and accommodate employee preferences; and offer payroll deduction at vending locations to improve access.
  • Exercise Programs. We have on-site fitness centers or, in some cases where such centers are not established, provide fitness club membership stipends. Aside from exercise equipment, our state-of-the-art fitness center in Carrollton also coordinates group fitness and education classes, team sports and company athletic leagues. Intramurals include volleyball, softball, basketball, flag football and more. We track employee participation to better understand the effectiveness of our efforts to engage employees in physical fitness. We also held our first, wildly successful youth baseball camp in the summer of 2015, hosted by two-time World Series winner and 1978 World Series MVP Bucky Dent. More than 60 participants attended, including numerous parents from the Southwire family. Read more in our highlight story.
  • Weight Loss Programs. Studies indicate that even moderate weight loss can make a positive impact in an individual’s personal health. As a highly competitive employee population, challenges and competitions are great motivators for our employees. To this end, we run group and individual weight loss challenges and provide rewards such as Fitbit activity trackers or, in the case of our Lose to Cruise program, free cruise trips to successful participants. Other programs include New Year, New You, New Wardrobe, which offers winners gift cards to their favorite retail outlets and Viva Las Vegas, which affords the winner a free trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon or other pre-selected locations.
  • Living Well Lottery. This program rewards employees who proactively work to integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle. Employees who have a BMI below 30 and do not use tobacco enter into a lottery, the winners of which receive free health care for a year.

Our Performance

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To achieve our goals related to employee well-being and health, we track the following data against our long-term goals. Our biometrics participation was particularly notable in light of recent acquisitions, which added over 800 employees.

Goal Baseline 2014 Status 2015 Status
95% voluntary participation in biometric screenings by year-end 2017 95% 95% 98%
Overall employee average rating of “B” on biometric screens by year-end 2018 (against 4 measures) C+ B- C+
100% access to Healthy Choice options at all locations by year-end 2017 51% (manufacturing and warehouse operations only) 51% 78%

Total Rewards

Over 5,000 employees—all but nine of those eligible—selected their packages online, falling just short of our goal of 100 percent participation.

Fitness Center Usage

Our facilities’ utilization rate for 2015 was 34 percent, with some variation by season.

Weight Loss Programs

In 2015, we held two weight loss challenges with a combined total of 658 participants. Through these challenges, participants cumulatively lost 7,348 pounds.