We will preserve and enhance the lives of our employees by building a workplace that is satisfying, meaningful and fun. In doing so, we will make certain that safety and health are always top priorities and will treat each other with dignity and respect.

At Southwire, we believe that strong, sustainable companies stem from thriving individuals. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves in their professional and personal development, and we seek to provide opportunities and resources to enable their growth.

Southwire’s enduring strength comes from our people. We care for the Southwire family and, in return, they care about and create Southwire’s lasting success. We identified five material topics related to Living Well; click on the links for each topic to read about Southwire’s approach and 2016 performance.


In 2016, Southwire developed five new sustainability goals. We will begin to report our progress toward these goals in our 2017 Sustainability Report. Our Living Well goal and 2021 targets are:


Achieve best in class safety performance at Southwire.
  • Achieve 10X increase in injury-free event reporting by 2021.
  • Achieve 75% decrease in the total recordable injury rate by 2021.
  • Achieve Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) or equivalent certification at all sites by 2021.

Southwire’s “continuum to best in class” represents a documented and soon to be auditable progression across a continuum of four cultural states: Reactive, Proactive, Systems-Based and Best in Class. As each operation progresses across the continuum, the targets will need to be met.

2016 Sustainability Scorecard

Our 2016 performance on our original Living Well sustainability goals is detailed below. Our 2017 report will disclose progress on our new goals listed above.

Goals 2016 Data Baseline
Implement a certified safety management system (OSHA Voluntary Protection Program [VPP] or Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification [OHSAS] 18001) at all manufacturing and warehouse locations by YE 2022. 15/39 (38%) 12/36 locations
Achieve an OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate for global operations of less than 1.0 by YE 2018. 1.71 2.20 (legacy SW)
Achieve 20% reduction in contractor injury rates by YE 2018. 1.42 (41% reduction) 2.42
Improve employee health and well-being across all Southwire locations by achieving:

  • 95% voluntary participation in biometric screenings by YE 2017.
  • Overall employee average rating of “B” on biometric screens by YE 2018.
  • 100% access to Healthy Choice options at all locations by YE 2017.
  • 98%
  • C+
  • 75%
  • 94.6 (legacy SW)
  • C+
  • 51%
Invest in leadership skills and knowledge through the implementation of the following training and development initiatives:

  • 200 supervisors graduating from Leading in an OPS Culture by YE 2018.
  • 200 managers graduating from Southwire Management Training by YE 2018.
  • 150 senior leaders graduating from Southwire Leadership Academy by YE 2018.
  • 50
  • 0
  • 96
  • 50
  • 0
  • 26
Foster employee engagement through a targeted 90% voluntary participation in annual Southwire engagement survey by YE 2017. 89% 74% (external benchmark)
Achieve a 40% improvement in the number of females in the workforce by YE 2017. 20% 21% female – Legacy SW
Improve diversity within the “high potential” pool of future senior leadership by YE 2017. 23.5% 30% (24 of 78 HP)