At Southwire, we believe that strong, sustainable companies stem from thriving individuals. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves in their professional and personal development, and we seek to provide opportunities and resources to enable their growth. Southwire’s enduring strength comes from our people. We care for the Southwire family and, in return, they care about and enable Southwire’s lasting success.

We expanded the focus of our tenet, Living Well. The Whole You extends wellness beyond the physical meaning as we strive to support our employees’ all-around well-being. The Whole You includes professional experience, health, career, pay, community, life and future. Various Living Well events throughout the year help employees learn about the interconnectedness of one’s health and how to improve certain aspects.

Southwire manages four material topics related to Living Well; click on the link for each topic to read about Southwire’s management approach and 2018 performance.

We are proud to report our progress against our goals in this 2018 Sustainability Report. Our Living Well goal and metrics include:



Achieve best in class safety performance at Southwire
TARGET 2016 BASELINE* 2017 Progress* 2018 Progress
Achieve 10X increase in injury-free event (IFE) reporting by 2021 46.8 N/A 556 (12x increase)
Achieve 75% decrease in the total recordable injury rate by 2021 1.71 1.22 (28% decrease) 1.14 (33% decrease)
Achieve Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) or equivalent certification at all sites by 2021 42% 50%  55% 
*2016 Baseline and 2017 status values were revised to reflect corrections to site production numbers following the implementation of SAP, which altered the intensity calculation.
IFE were not measured on an enterprise level in 2017.
Status represents the percentage of locations that are VPP-ready (or equivalent). In many cases, the site is waiting for agency action, which we cannot control. Therefore, we are tracking completion based on whether or not a site has submitted an application for acceptance into the program.