• timeline1950

    Roy Richards Sr. Founded Southwire


    Roy Richards Sr. founded Southwire, a company that would revolutionize the industry. He started making wire with three used machines and 12 employees.

  • timeline1963

    Southwire Continuous Rod Invention


    Southwire revolutionized the industry with the invention of the Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR) system for copper rod. Today, 50 percent of the world’s copper rod is processed through an SCR system.

  • timeline1966

    First Building Wire Plant


    Southwire built its first building wire plant. Within two years, Southwire became the second leading producer of building wire in the United States.

  • timeline1968

    First Plant Outside of Georgia


    Southwire opened the doors to operations in Hawesville, Kentucky, its first plant outside of Georgia. Additionally, Southwire developed and started manufacturing Triple E® 8000 series aluminum alloy.

  • timeline_2016_first_copper_refinery_2

    First Copper Refinery


    Southwire established its first copper refinery to produce copper rod through the SCR system.

  • timeline1976_corporatehq

    Corporate Headquarters


    Southwire opened its corporate headquarters in Carrollton, Georgia.

  • timeline1984

    The Copper Club Man of the Year


    The Copper Club named Roy Richards Sr. Man of the Year.

  • timeline1985

    A Second Generation of Richards


    Roy Richards Sr. passed away and Southwire named Roy Richards Jr. as president.

  • timeline1992

    A Base for Research and Development


    The Cofer Center—named for iconic engineer Pete Cofer (shown seated, left)—opened as the base for research and development.

  • timeline2001A

    A Change in Leadership


    Southwire named Stu Thorn as president. A year later, Roy Richards Jr. retired from daily operations and Thorn became chief executive officer.

  • timeline2005

    Giving Inspiration for Tomorrow


    Project GIFT (Giving Inspiration for Tomorrow) began with 10 employee volunteers and continues to support Southwire’s local communities through fundraising, beautification projects and other volunteer efforts.

  • timeline2006

    Southwire Canada


    Ever expanding the company’s growth, Southwire opened its first branch in Canada, known as Southwire Canada. more

  • 12forlife

    Corporate Vision of Sustainability


    Southwire established its corporate vision of sustainability and introduced its five pillars: Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back, Doing Right and Building Worth. Additionally, Southwire partnered with Carroll County School System to create a unique solution to the ever-increasing high school dropout rate: 12 for Life® more

  • spool

    SIMpull Solutions®


    Southwire introduced an entire line of products and services geared to make wire pulls easier for contractors. SIMpull Solutions® debuted as the solution to some of the biggest concerns in the wire and cable industry.

  • timeline2008Bvpp

    First VPP Facility


    Southwire’s Forte Power Systems in Heflin, Alabama, was recognized as a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) site—a milestone marking the beginning of a company-wide move to earn VPP status in all Southwire facilities. Forte was the first Southwire facility and the first manufacturing plant in the wire and cable industry to achieve VPP status.

  • timeline2010A

    Proof Positive


    Proof Positive Copper, with its unique ID code on the center strand, became Southwire’s solution to the growing trend of copper theft in the industry. The technology is growing and is now used by other industries.

  • timeline2010B

    Employee Biometric Screenings


    Southwire instituted employee biometric screening, with a goal to ensure employees and their families exceed the national average rates for healthy screenings.

  • timeline2013

    Building New Lines and Divisions


    Southwire introduced its own line of electrical tools, created the Industrial Division and added to the abundant line of SIMpull Solutions®.

  • timeline2014A

    Coleman Cable Acquisition


    Southwire acquired Coleman Cable, adding new people, facilities, products and services to our Southwire family.

  • timeline2014B

    The Copper Club Man of the Year


    The Copper Club named Southwire CEO Stu Thorn Copper Man of the Year, and Corporate Responsibility Magazine presented him the CEO of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • MaterialityMatrix_mobile

    What Matters Most


    Southwire engaged our stakeholders as part of our first materiality assessment, designed to identify Southwire’s most significant economic, environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. This work ensures a focus on the issues that are most impactful to Southwire and our stakeholders. more

  • timeline_2015_G4SustainabilityReport

    Southwire Publishes First
    GRI G4 Sustainability Report


    Southwire proudly published its first interactive online sustainability report,  in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines Core option.

  • timeline_2015_VPPSites

    Southwire Recertifies Two VPP Sites


    Southwire recertifies two sites under the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Program and one site under Mexico’s Empresa Segura employee safety program.

  • timeline_2015_RichStinson

    Rich Stinson Succeeds Stu Thorn as CEO


    Stu Thorn retired from his position as chief executive officer after 14 years of outstanding service; Rich Stinson, formerly group president of electrical systems and services for Eaton Corporation, succeeded him.

  • timeline_2016_safetycultureinitiative

    Southwire Launches Safety Culture Initiative


    Since its launch in January 2016, Southwire’s initiative to enhance our safety culture has successfully increased awareness and reduced workplace injuries.

  • timeline_2016_12forlife

    12 for Life Celebrates 10th Class


    In May 2016, 12 for Life® held its annual commencement ceremonies celebrating the 10th class of graduates. These 403 graduates mark a total of 1,614 students who have completed the program to date.

  • timeline_2016_projectgift

    Project GIFT Supports Disaster Relief


    Southwire’s Project GIFT teams responded to severe flooding in Louisiana with collection drives in August 2016. Southwire sent seven tractor trailers filled with supplies to Baton Rouge, where more than 20 Blackshirts—Southwire’s employee volunteers—distributed goods to flood victims for two days.

  • timeline_2016_unitedcopper

    Southwire Acquires United Copper


    Southwire announced the acquisition of United Copper Industries in Denton, Texas, in September of 2016. The acquisition expands Southwire’s manufacturing capabilities in the company’s core building wire products segment and enhances Southwire’s geographical footprint.

  • timeline_2016_sumner

    Southwire Acquires Sumner Manufacturing


    In December 2016, Southwire acquired Sumner Manufacturing, a recognized leading manufacturer of material lifts, jack stands, welding tools, material carts and other tools and equipment for the construction market.

  • TL_CSTWorkshop

    Strategy Team Accelerates Growth


    The Corporate Strategy Team (CST) deployed a new plan to Accelerate Growth and increase sales by 50-percent over the next five years. The CST will remain instrumental to achieve success.

  • TL_ThornCenter

    Thorn Customer Solutions Center Opens


    The facility’s grand opening welcomed guests to tour the new facility built to showcase Southwire’s product portfolio and allow for education and hands on training for contractors, channel associates and industry training partners.

  • TL_SouthwireSustainability

    Southwire Updates Sustainability Agenda


    Southwire’s new sustainability brand unifies the five tenets on five leaves sharing one stalk. This design symbolizes Southwire’s growth and journey to become best-in-class on sustainability issues and represents the company’s commitment to a strong, sustainable future.

  • TL_12ForLife

    12 for Life Milestone Achieved


    This Spring celebrates a significant milestone for our cornerstone program—since 2007, Southwire has graduated more than 2,000 students. A total of 386 graduates from various locations join the ranks of other 12 for Life graduates.


    Southwire Becomes UNGC Signatory


    In July 2017, Southwire became a signatory to the UN Global Compact, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Further, we commit to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and daily operations of our company.

  • TL_DisasterRelief

    Project GIFT Aids Natural Disaster Victims


    Southwire team members supported several natural disaster relief projects, filling 17 tractor-trailers with supplies distributed to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Project GIFT also supported people affected by Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma and the California wildfires.

  • TL_InnovativeLawyers

    Southwire Lauded for Innovative Lawyers


    Financial Times commended Southwire for 1) developing a crisis management system app to help employees prioritize actions in case of a disaster and 2) supporting career progression by providing legal training to administrative assistants. (Source: FT North America Innovative Lawyers 2017)