Growing Green

We will reduce our environmental footprint, even as we grow. By so doing, we will not only sustain our business, but we also will help sustain the communities in which we work and the world in which we live.

Southwire maintains a deep commitment to growing our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We recognize that our planet’s natural resources are finite and that our success depends on conscientious use of these resources. To this end, our core operations integrate environmental priorities.

Through our 2014 materiality assessment, Southwire identified the following material topics:

Sustainability Scorecard

Our Growing Green goals in our Sustainability Scorecard include:

Goals Baseline (year) 2014 Status 2015 Status
Implement ISO 14001 or equivalent environmental management systems at all manufacturing and warehouse locations worldwide by year-end 2020. 0 of 36 locations (0%) (2014) 0 of 36 locations (0%) 3 of 37 locations (8%)
Achieve zero-landfill status at all locations by year-end 2017. 0 of 36 locations* (0%)
11 of 36 locations* (31%) 22 of 53 locations** (42%)
Increase energy efficiency from 2010 baseline by 10% by year-end 2020. 9.40 Adj. MMBtu/ton (2010) 7% over baseline 8% over baseline
Increase water use efficiency from 2010 baseline by 10% by year-end 2020. 269 gal/ton (2010) 33% over baseline 26% over baseline
Provide customers with environmental impact data for our products through the development of Environmental Product Declarations for top 25 products in key markets by year-end 2018. N/A
0% 0%
Offer key customers recycling and/or like-kind exchange programs for processing end-of-life Southwire products by year-end 2016. Limited customers Strategy underway Strategy underway
Publicly report sustainability data consistent with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).  N/A Achieved Achieved

* Only manufacturing and warehousing facilities are included in this statistic (excludes offices)
**Includes manufacturing facilities, warehousing facilities, and offices

Learn more about Southwire’s approach to Growing Green here.