Southwire Canada Gives Back Through Several Events

Southwire’s Giving Back team at Canada headquarters, located in Mississauga, Ontario, participated in three community events during the month of May – a Big Bike Ride, a Mother’s Day 5k and a tree planting event.

Big Bike Ride The first event, a Big Bike Ride in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which takes a holistic approach to fighting heart disease and stroke, took place on May 9. Twenty-four Blackshirts participated in the bike ride in memory of John Montgomery, an employee of Southwire Canada who passed away due to cardiac arrest earlier in 2018. Nirmala Gabriel, Giving Back coordinator, was instrumental in the planning of this event. “Along the way, we interacted with pedestrians and received a lot of love and appreciation from people at bus stops, in cars and even those walking down the street,” said Gabriel. “The volunteers loved it, and they enjoyed the interaction.” Southwire’s donation of $3,000 went towards the organization’s efforts, which focus on awareness, research, prevention and improving emergency response, treatment and recovery.

Mother’s Day 5k On May 13, two of Canada’s Blackshirts, Pauline Morgado, customer experience manager, and Nirmala Gabriel, Giving Back coordinator, spent their Sunday participating in a Mother’s Day Walk hosted by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. This 5k attracted nearly 400 attendees and is a part of the organization’s efforts to fund breast cancer research. The event honored those affected by remembering those who have passed, showcasing several survivor’s stories and hosting guest speakers, who spoke about the progress on research. “I was overwhelmed and humbled at the same time by this event,” said Morgado. “I had a dear friend who was diagnosed with the disease. She was able to beat it and now has been cancer free for over five years. This was an opportunity I will definitely participate in every year.” May 13 marked the 27th year of this Mother’s Day Walk. In total, the team was able to donate $1,000 to this organization.

Tree Planting Several volunteers came together on May 31 to plant trees for the One Million Trees Mississauga initiative. This initiative was created to help conserve and enhance the city’s open space and forested areas for future generations to enjoy. The team was able to plant 70 tree saplings in two hours – this normally takes 15 volunteers. “This was a great experience for me and the first time I have ever planted anything,” said Duhane Dyce, warehouse specialist. “I knew I was a part of something much bigger than myself – it is for my community’s future.” This event aligns with Southwire’s sustainability commitment to Growing Green and allowed Southwire Canada to achieve their goal of leaving their footprint in the city of Mississauga. The team also donated more than $700 to the initiative.