Going Above and Beyond: Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc along the Southeastern coastline, the Energy manufacturing, logistics and sales teams worked tirelessly to restore power to those affected by the storm. These relentless efforts have been recognized and praised by several customers including ESI Energy Services Inc., General Power Corporation (GPC) and Duke Energy. While GPC applauded our partnership, claiming that Southwire is in fact a part of the power company because of the value we provide, Duke Energy praised our teams’ hard work and level of commitment.

Special thanks to Stuart Campbell, Jennifer Floyd, Tina Loveless, Tim Poore, Matt Street and Jay Stewart along with members of Energy’s manufacturing and logistics teams who put in countless hours of hard work to provide power to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Because of the track of the storm, the number of Southwire customers impacted was unprecedented. Many areas are still in damage assessment mode and will continue to place large orders in the near future. These teams will continue to provide support until all power is restored.