Doing Right

We foster a culture guided by ethical values. We will not forget to live up to those values, even when it might be difficult. And when we make mistakes, we will be transparent and responsive.

To ensure Southwire’s financial health and longevity, we foster our commitment to ethical business practices. Doing Right underpins every aspect of our company. Southwire upholds our obligation to operate responsibly while maintaining our excellent reputation with our customers, suppliers, regulators and the communities that we serve. Through our culture, we expect our employees to live this approach daily.

Through our 2014 materiality assessment, Southwire identified the following material Doing Right topic:

Sustainability Scorecard

Southwire’s Sustainability Scorecard highlights our Doing Right goals and 2015 progress:

Goals Baseline 2014 Status 2015 Status
Assure the accuracy and integrity of financial, environmental and safety management systems by completing annual third-party financial audits every year and environmental, health and safety audits every two years. Annual Complete Complete
Implement online Code of Ethics training and conduct employee survey annually for 100% of the employee population by year-end 2015. Annual Survey in process Completed in Q1 2016
Develop Southwire Code of Conduct policy for suppliers and contractors by year-end 2015. None In progress To be completed in 2016
Develop and deploy Human Trafficking and Conflict Minerals Policies by year-end 2015. None Draft Complete Published

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