Southwire Unveils BEM™ Software

Southwire recently signed an agreement with Applied Software, a member of the Autodesk Reseller Network, to be the exclusive reseller of Southwire’s new line of building information modeling software products that will dramatically improve back office and field productivity.

Southwire BEM™ (Building Electrical Modeling) software is revolutionary for the electrical industry because it takes what has always been a very manual process and automates it. The BEM solution is built on the software platform Southwire recently acquired from GSN Technologies.

“BEM is a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that delivers streamlined automation to every step of the installation process – starting from the cable takeoff, through the feeder schedule, installation planning and ultimately, through all of the required procurement steps,” said Jerry Nestler, founder of GSN Technologies and Southwire BEM technical expert. “BEM fills a critical gap within BIM (Building Information Modeling).”

Southwire has been partnering with its customers to better understand the opportunities that software and electronic solutions provide to the wiring process. Prior to introducing its new BEM Software Solutions, Southwire spent time enhancing the company’s ability to provide software and other electronic solutions through its industry-leading mobile apps and innovative line of tools.

“The BEM software solution is a major jump forward for building information modeling and fills the gap between raceway physical design, cable takeoffs, and installation planning,” said Jeff Herrin, president of Southwire’s Industrial Division. “The partnership with Applied Software is a logical next step to our becoming a leading partner for design and installation services for our industrial channel partners and their customers.”

“The addition of a true electrical software solution further extends our investment in developing a full suite of solutions designed to improve productivity, profitability and safety for electrical contractors,” said Norman Adkins, president of Southwire’s Electrical Division. “We are excited about the potential this investment has to take this new capability into the field and back office in a way like never before.”

“Southwire clearly understands the electrical design process from start to finish,” said Richard Burroughs, president of Applied Software. “This product is comprehensive in its functionality, from design to analysis, and modeling to construction.
It opens up so many opportunities for our electrical customers to be on the leading edge of their industry as they leverage this product with Revit, AutoCAD, BIM360 and NavisWorks applications.”

Applied Software, in conjunction with its partner network, will provide nationwide sales coverage, training and support for the product line.