Aeries™ BIM Electrical Software: The New Name for Efficient Electrical Design and Installation

Revolutionary BIM software helps to drastically improve productivity and profitability for electrical design and construction

Contractors and electrical engineers are always looking for ways to improve productivity and profitability, especially when it comes to developing a construction workflow for electrical systems. While most contractors and engineers are familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM), they also know there isn’t a truly efficient electrical-only aspect of it. Until now. Aeries™ BIM Electrical Software from Southwire is a new application for use with Autodesk® and Revit® software as well as other leading industry platforms that breaks new ground for efficiency in electrical design.

What is Aeries™ Software?
Aeries™ Software is a comprehensive and fully-integrated electrical design and construction system that delivers streamlined automation to every step of the installation process. It enhances productivity during the pre-construction design phase, streamlines design team collaboration, and eliminates wasted time and materials on the jobsite.

Aeries™ Software can also provide a major jump forward for building information modeling by filling the gaps between cable raceway physical design, cable takeoffs, the feeder schedule, the installation planning process, and ultimately through all required procurement steps.

Aeries™ Software connects the knowledge of the electrical engineer with the knowhow of the electrical contractor.

Aeries™ Software: One unique name that two groups will grow to love.
Aeries™ Software which can interface with most leading design applications, addresses three primary groups within today’s installation processes:

  • Electrical Engineers. Aeries™ Software helps electrical engineers deliver consistent data, equipment schedules, feeder schedules, and 3D raceway models that include cable routing with all information in one single source data base. It automatically routes raceway and wire and cable, with accurate sizes and lengths, saving time and helping to avoid calculation errors and duplicate data entries from occurring in the database. The automatic cable routing process also complies with all National Electrical Code (NEC) electrical raceway fill rules and regulations.
  • Electrical Contractors. Aeries™ Software makes the process more efficient, productive, accurate and safer for the contractor. The software delivers current product data sheets and automates bills of material, estimates and the electrical design plan, all which help to avoid inaccuracies and mistakes and keeps the job on schedule. This BIM solution automates all planning, tracking, estimating, and all other procurement essentials. This gives an accurate visual view of the installation progress. Aeries™ Software can provide an accurate as-built representation as the major project progresses. Any design changes are done once and reflected automatically throughout the model. This helps eliminate project delays and keeps the job on schedule.

Aeries™ Software: The necessary solution for the growing demand for BIM technology in commercial and industrial construction.
The adoption of BIM is a growing trend in construction, as contractors, engineers and commercial builders look for ways to streamline the construction workflow.  Aeries™ Software is a unique BIM solution that is specifically and purposefully built for electrical design and planning. Meaning, with this solution, Southwire customers can be on the leading edge of their industry when it comes to being more efficient and productive on jobsites during both the planning and installation stages.