ACSS Installation in South Africa

ESKOM, the national utility for the Republic of South Africa, completed the first installation of aluminum conductor, steel supported (ACSS) conductor on the African continent in November 2016. The application is a new line, and the land owner did not want to allow a wider right-of-way. The new line would only fit in the existing right-of-way if the construction of the cable was designed to limit sway from winds, preventing the line from crossing into the neighboring transmission line. Southwire was pleased to offer a line that meets this need.

Southwire’s 795 kcmil Tern/ACSS proved to have the right combination of high capacity and low blow-out. Southwire also provided the line hardware and training for the installation contractor. The conductor installed with no problems. ESKOM provided very positive feedback, and they are considering Southwire’s ACSS and C7 overhead conductor options for future construction.

Special thanks to Paul Springer, Carolina Valencia and Thomas Wilki for their efforts on this project.