Building Worth

Our success depends on our customers’ success. We will build worth for our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders by achieving the lowest cost, highest quality and best service in our industry. To do this, we must lead our core markets with superior products, grow steadily, spend wisely, keep debt low and protect our investments.

Southwire is growing our business in a strong, sustainable manner. We deliver unparalleled innovative products and services, a practice that enables our company to flourish. We seek to reach our greatest potential by continually evolving to match our customers’ needs and goals.

Southwire’s effort to grow responsibly creates shared value by benefitting all of our stakeholders. To continue our legacy of Building Worth, Southwire focuses on the following material topics, each detailed in this report:

Sustainability Scorecard

The Sustainability Scorecard below highlights our Building Worth goals and progress:

Goals Baseline 2014 Status 2015 Status
Deploy the Southwire Supplier Sustainability Manual throughout the supply chain with on-site audits and performance monitoring in place for 100% of key suppliers by year-end 2016. 0 of key suppliers
5 of 25 key suppliers (20%) 17 of 26 of key suppliers (65%)
Incorporate sustainability principles (including reusability) into the research of at least 65% of all new R&D projects by year-end 2016. 51% of projects
51% of projects; 52% of spend 46% of projects;
80% of spend
Improve customer efficiency by providing innovative products that improve productivity and reduce waste. N/A Strategy underway Strategy underway
Develop and implement a consistent framework that measures and improves customer experience and creates a sustainable competitive advantage by year-end 2017. N/A Team formed Customer experience partner selected, final approval pending