2016 Goals

In 2013, Southwire launched a set of sustainability goals to advance our environmental, social and governance performance over the long-term, taking us through year-end 2016 and beyond. The goals addressed topics identified through our first materiality assessment, and were informed by stakeholders' interests and areas where we saw the need to push our management approach further.
We have reported progress against these goals for the past several years. In this 2016 report, we provide our final updates against this set of goals. Although these are critical metrics, and we will continue to monitor and manage them internally, we will shift our reporting focus to a new, more ambitious set of sustainability goals.

2021 Goals

Our 2021 goals deepen our sustainability efforts and strengthen our management by driving us toward higher standards of excellence. In 2016, after undertaking a benchmark of best-in-class and aspirational goals across our own industry and others, Southwire leadership developed a new bold goal and supporting metrics for each of our sustainability tenets. Further, we demonstrate alignment to the UN Global Compact's Sustainable Development Goals to show how our strategic priorities support the collective efforts toward global progress.
This sustainability report includes 2016 data as the baseline for these metrics, against which we will continue to track and report progress for the next five years.

Progress on Goals

  • 2016 Growing Green Goals
    • Achieve zero-landfill status at all locations by YE 2017. Progress: 94% improvement* (1,039 tons)
    • Increase energy efficiency from 2010 baseline by 10% by YE 2020. Progress: 8% improvement* (8.65 Adj. MMBtu/ton)
    • Increase water use efficiency from 2010 baseline by 10% by YE 2020. Progress: 24% improvement* (205 gal/ton)
    • Implement ISO 14001 or equivalent environmental management systems at locations world-wide by YE 2020. Progress: 31% complete (12 of 39)
    • Provide customers with environmental impact data for our products through the development of Environmental Product Declarations for top 25 products in key markets by YE 2018. Progress: Program on hold
    • Offer key customers recycling and/or like-kind exchange programs for processing end-of-life Southwire products by YE 2016. Progress: Strategy underway
    • Publicly report sustainability data consistent with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Progress: Complete
  • 2016 Living Well Goals
    • Implement a certified safety management system (OSHA Voluntary Protection Program [VPP] or Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification [OHSAS] 18001) at all manufacturing and warehouse locations by YE 2022. Progress: 38% complete (15 of 39)
    • Achieve an OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate for global operations of less than 1.0 by YE 2018. Progress: 1.71 in 2016 (22% improvement)
    • Achieve 20% reduction in contractor injury rates by YE 2018. Progress: 41% reduction (1.42 in 2016)
    • Improve employee health and well-being across all Southwire locations by achieving:
      • 95% voluntary participation in biometric screenings by YE 2017. Progress: 98% participation
      • Overall employee average rating of "B" on biometric screens by YE 2018. Progress: C+
      • 100% access to Healthy Choice options at all locations by YE 2017. Progress: 75% of locations
    • Invest in the leadership skills and knowledge through the implementation of the following training and development initiatives:
      • 200 supervisors graduating from Leading in an OPS Culture by YE 2018. Progress: 50 graduates (no change)
      • 200 managers graduating from Southwire Management Training by YE 2018. Progress: 0 graduates (no change)
      • 150 senior leaders graduating from Southwire Leadership Academy by YE 2018. Progress: 96 graduates (270% improvement)
    • Foster employee engagement through a targeted 90% voluntary participation in annual Southwire engagement survey by YE 2017. Progress: 89% participation
    • Achieve a 40% improvement in the number of females in the workforce by YE 2017. Progress: 20% female
    • Improve diversity within the "high potential" pool of future senior leadership by 20% by YE 2017. Progress: 23.5% diverse
  • 2016 Giving Back Goals
    • Advance and improve educational opportunities and outcomes by working with educational institutions to achieve the following:
      • Increase graduation rates among "at risk" teenagers though 12-for-Life® by graduating 2020 students from the program by YE 2020. Progress: 1,614 graduates (90% increase)
      • Expand Southwire Engineering Academy to other regional locations in North America by YE 2020. Progress: 1 location (no change)
      • Graduate first cohort from Southwire Sustainable Business Honors MBA program by YE 2017. Progress: 0 cohorts (no change)
    • Increase volunteerism with the communities in which we operate by achieving 50% improvement in Project Gift Blackshirt participation across Southwire by YE 2018. Progress: 95% improvement (878 Blackshirt volunteers)
    • Ensure Southwire engages proper mix of charitable donations, community investments and commercial initiatives through annual benchmarking of existing practices. Progress: CECP Survey Complete
    • Complete Back-to-School events at each Southwire manufacturing location by YE 2016. Progress: 100% of locations (24 of 24) (44% improvement)
  • 2016 Doing Right Goals
    • Assure the accuracy and integrity of financial, environmental and safety management systems by completing annual third-party financial audits every year and environmental, health and safety audits every two years. Progress: Complete
    • Implement online Code of Ethics training and conduct employee survey annually for 100% of the employee population by YE 2015. Progress: Complete
    • Develop Southwire Code of Conduct policy for suppliers and contractors by YE 2015. Progress: Complete
    • Develop and deploy Human Trafficking and Conflict Minerals Policies by YE 2015. Progress: Complete
  • 2016 Building Worth Goals
    • Deploy the Southwire Supplier Sustainability Manual throughout the supply chain with on-site audits performance monitoring in place for 100% of key suppliers by YE 2016. Progress: 85% complete; 100% complete for US suppliers
    • Incorporate sustainability principles (including reusability) into the research of at least 65% of all new R&D projects by YE 2016. Progress: 48% of Spend; 41% of Projects
    • Improve customer efficiency by providing innovative products that improve productivity and reduce waste. Progress: Strategy underway
    • Develop and implement a consistent framework that measures and improves customer experience and creates a sustainable competitive advantage by year end 2017. Progress: OME results implemented into 2017 strategic plan
  • 2021 Growing Green Goals
    Achieve top decile DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) performance in operational eco-efficiency in the Electrical Components & Equipment Sector.
    • Achieve zero operational waste to landfill status at all locations by year-end 2017 and maintain status with growth through 2021
    • Reduce energy and GHG emissions intensity by 15% through conservation and the use of renewable energy by 2021
    • Further reduce water intensity by 10% over 2016 baseline by 2021
  • 2021 Living Well Goals
    Achieve best-in-class safety performance at Southwire.
    • OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) or equivalent certification at all sites by 2021
    • Achieve 10X increase in injury-free event reporting by 2021
    • Achieve 75% decrease in the total recordable injury rate by 2021
  • 2021 Giving Back Goals
    Enable and engage our workforce in building more sustainable communities.
    • Environmental outreach programs in 100% of the communities in which we operate
  • 2021 Doing Right Goals
    Ensure the highest standard of ethical business practices within all our operations.
    • Achieve recognition on Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies list by 2021
  • 2021 Building Worth Goals
    Develop and commercialize four breakthrough solutions to customers’ sustainability challenges
    • $1 billion of incremental revenue tied to these solutions. (15% of projected 2021 revenues)
    • 10% of EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) in funnel