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Southwire regularly engages with the following stakeholder groups: customers, suppliers, shareholders and board members, regulators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community members and Southwire employees. We identify stakeholders through interviews with executive leadership, the Southwire environmental leadership committee, the sustainability committee of the Southwire board of directors, and through various other employee interviews. We select stakeholders based on their knowledge and understanding of Southwire’s overall operations, industry positions, regulatory history and community involvement.

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Internal Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement—a business imperative for Southwire—occurs in many ways. We invest in numerous mechanisms to engage our employees.

Approach Frequency Purpose
Employee Engagement Survey Every 18 months Independently administered, the results of these voluntary surveys deliver a better understanding of our employees’ wants and needs, allowing periodic adjustments to management systems and approaches.
Pulse Checks Semi-annual Administered internally at our manufacturing and customer service center facilities, these surveys provide status updates on the four lowest-scoring categories in our most recent employee engagement survey.
Monthly In 2016, Southwire introduced roundtable discussions as an opportunity for Rich Stinson to engage with employees and provide an avenue for open discussion about company successes and areas for improvement around Southwire.The discussion hosts a rotating group of 15-20 employees in various functions who meet with the CEO and other members of leadership. Feedback is gathered and discussed with senior leadership to create plans and processes for continued growth.
Town Hall Meetings Quarterly Our CEO conducts an in-person state of the business meeting from various Southwire locations. These videotaped meetings stream live across Southwire. The meetings provide timely information concerning the company’s overall performance while affording employees the opportunity to ask questions about particular interest areas.
Perfection at
Southwire (OPS)
Ongoing This program drives total employee involvement in operational excellence in manufacturing. Employees participate in team activities that engage them to identify problems and implement solutions that improve our operations.
Just Ask 24 hours a day, seven days a week Via online access, paper drop box or call in, employees can ask questions and/or offer suggestions concerning Southwire policies, procedures or practices.

Learn more about our employee engagement programs.

External Stakeholders

Southwire’s external stakeholder engagement centers on employee involvement and membership in industry organizations and associations as well as various civic, environmental, health and safety organizations across our geographic footprint. Other key external stakeholder engagement opportunities include interactions with customers, suppliers and community members.

Stakeholder Group Approach Frequency Purpose
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • User forums
  • Trade shows
  • Scorecard reviews
  • Site visits
Ongoing To better align our products and services to meet customer needs.
  • Sustainability surveys
  • On-site audits
  • Meetings
Ongoing To best understand the risks and opportunities present throughout our value chain.
Georgia area)
Community Advisory Panel Ongoing Five members from a cross-section of the community gather to discuss potential partnership opportunities or issues that may pertain to Southwire and our impact on the community.
Georgia area)
Update meeting Annual Southwire’s CEO hosts more than 100 community and business leaders to discuss the company’s performance, future plans and community impact. This meeting enables the open exchange of questions, answers, thoughts and ideas between the community and Southwire leaders.