Southwire cares a great deal about our people. Our focus on Living Well means we will preserve and enhance the lives of our employees by building a workplace that is satisfying, meaningful and fun. In doing so, we will make certain that safety and health are always top priorities and will treat each other with dignity and respect. Read more about our approach to Living Well.

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Southwire provides a desirable workplace for its employees with fair compensation and a well-developed company culture based on a “family feel.” The majority of Southwire’s employees are full-time, hourly workers. With positive employee relations, collective bargaining agreements covered approximately 3.1 percent of our full-time employees located at our Waukegan, Ill. manufacturing operations and Pleasant Prairie, Wis. customer service center in 2017.

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We compiled the data for 102-8: Information on employees and other workers through SAP SuccessFactors, which excludes employee data for Mexico, Honduras, China, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Therefore, breakdowns by gender and employment type do not represent Southwire’s entire population of 7,571 employees.

Male (Permanent*) 5,242 (74.47%)
Female (Permanent*) 1,269 (18.03%)
Male (Temporary) 300 (4.26%)
Female (Temporary) 228 (3.24%)
United States (Permanent*) 6,390 (84.40%)
United States (Temporary) 527 (6.96%)
Honduras (Permanent*) 303 (4.00%)
Mexico (Permanent*) 158 (2.09%)
Canada (Permanent*) 121 (1.60%)
Canada (Temporary) 1 (0.01%)
China (Permanent*) 63 (0.83%)
United Kingdom (Permanent*) 6 (0.08%)
Netherlands (Permanent*) 2 (0.03%)
*An employee hired to work without a specific time frame for exit