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In 2015, Southwire’s acquisitions strengthened our portfolio of innovative and sustainable products.

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In addition to manufacturing assets, the Seatek acquisition includes patents, trademarks and brand names such as Roto-Split® and Roto-Flex™. It brings a variety of products in the armored cable cutter, cable stripper, motorized cutter and labor-saving tools category to the Southwire hand tool product line. While Southwire’s acquisition of Seatek is a recent development, our collaboration on innovative projects spans several years; we collaborated with Seatek in the past to ensure customers have a safe way to cut metal conduit. This acquisition transferred production from Connecticut to Carrollton, Georgia.

Our newly acquired Huntersville plant expands Southwire’s lineup of products manufactured in the United States and helps to strengthen North America’s power transmission infrastructure. This Energy Division facility produces high-voltage cable, which distributes massive amounts of electricity and renewable energy—including wind and solar—in support of the nation’s smart grid initiative. The 240,000-square-foot plant is three years old and features state-of-the-art technology for producing high-voltage and extra high-voltage underground transmission cables ranging from 230kV to 400kV. By using an existing structure rather than building a new one, Southwire minimized our environmental impact.

The acquisition of the intellectual property of GSN Technologies brings a new dimension to Southwire in the field of electrical design and construction. The software system, Southwire BEM™ (Building Electrical Model), brings electrical design to the field to reduce time and expense in construction. Learn more about our 2015 innovation highlights.

Throughout 2015, Southwire continued to integrate Coleman facilities and employees into the company’s operations and culture.