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At Southwire Company, LLC—one of North America’s leading manufacturers of wire and cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity—We Deliver Power…Responsibly®. We have more than 7,500 full and part-time employees who work at more than 40 locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, China, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. With approximately $4.6 billion in net sales in 2016, our products help provide power to millions of people around the world.

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Southwire operates 32 plants, 10 customer service centers and several sales and support facilities across the globe that manufacture and distribute a wide range of products. Based on our market approach, the company’s corporate structure now revolves around two business groups:

  • Construction Systems & Solutions Group (CS&S)
  • Power Systems & Solutions Group (PS&S)

The Construction Systems & Solutions Group focuses on residential, institutional and commercial construction segments by offering products and special services with a focus on job site safety and improving installation techniques. CS&S offerings include “in stock” products, material handling resources and made to order options. Southwire’s Power Systems & Solutions Group places emphasis on customers in product categories driven by a “made to order” approach, such as energy, industrial and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The Technology & Innovation page highlights Southwire’s products and services for both business groups.

A strong, integrated support function backs the company’s business groups, allowing Southwire to sell across product lines more effectively and maximize the value the company brings to our customers. Southwire also holds growing international presence with several sales and support offices strategically positioned to serve customers in markets all over the world.

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Employee Composition

The majority of Southwire’s employees are full-time, hourly workers. Collective bargaining agreements covered approximately 3.1 percent of our full-time employees in 2016. All part-time employees work in the United States.

Full-Time Employees



Part-Time Employees



Regional Breakdown*



*The graph above includes full-time employees only and does not include employees from the recent Sumner Manufacturing, Inc. acquisition. This is the reason for the discrepancy between the “more than 7,500” statement and the total employee count above.