About Our Company

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At Southwire Company, LLC—one of North America’s leading manufacturers of wire and cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity—We Deliver Power…Responsibly®. Our more than 7,000 full- and part-time employees work at 53 locations across North America, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, China and the United Kingdom. With $4.8 billion in net sales for 2015, our products help provide power to millions of people around the world.

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Southwire’s Operations


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Southwire offers a full line of products to meet a wide range of needs in various markets. Our corporate structure centers around seven distinct business segments – Electrical, Energy, Industrial, OEM, Tools & Assembled Products, Engineered Products and International.

Electrical Division

Southwire offers a wide variety of wire and cable solutions for the residential, commercial and institutional construction markets. These include building wire, metal clad cable, flexible cord, electronic and security cable, flexible metallic or liquid tight nonmetallic conduit and telephone power cable. In addition, we provide a number of other products used by electrical contractors, such as cable pulling tools, pulling grips and more.

Southwire set the pace for the commercial construction cable market with several patented, groundbreaking, award winning innovations in our line of SIMpull Solutions® products and services including:

  • SIMpull THHN® and SIMpull XHHW-2® cables;
  • SIMpull Head® pulling grips; and
  • Contractor equipment such as the BendStation® conduit bending table, MaxisJAX® jack stands, Maxis® Triggers® remote control foot pedals and other specially engineered cable pulling equipment.
Energy Division

Southwire serves the power distribution industry, including more than 135 of the nation’s top investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, contractors and utility distributors. Energy Division products include overhead conductors for the transmission and distribution of electricity, insulated products for the secondary distribution of electricity, medium-voltage cables for underground distribution, high-voltage cables for underground applications with full turnkey capabilities and bare copper for grounding systems.

Southwire pioneered the development of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) cables, which can carry up to 10 times more power than traditional copper cables. Other innovative products include high-performance C7™ Overhead Conductor; a full line of SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit solutions; and Proof Positive® Copper products, which help to deter copper theft.

Industrial Division

Products from this division include medium-voltage power cable, tray cable, armored cable, mining cable and transit cable to support a broad range of applications in industries such as:

  • Power generation
  • Transit
  • Petrochemical
  • Natural gas
  • Automotive

Institutional campuses such as hospitals, universities, prisons and military bases also use Industrial Division products.

Southwire was the first company to produce medium-voltage cable with no lead in the jacket or in the ERP insulation.

OEM Division

Original equipment manufacturers use Southwire wire, aluminum rod and copper rod in the manufacture of their own products. The OEM group serves customers in various markets, such as electrical motors, lighting assemblies, household appliances, automotive wiring harnesses, HVAC equipment and alternative energy (solar panels and wind turbines). The OEM division also markets a variety of miscellaneous copper and aluminum rod products, such as clips and screening.

Southwire operates three aluminum rod mills and a copper rod mill and offers assistance with wire drawing through technical publications and industry-leading technical support.

Engineered Products Division

Southwire serves specialty customers with SCR® Technologies, Watteredge and TRC (Technology Research, LLC).

  • SCR® Technologies has designed and developed state-of-the-art systems that produce high-quality copper and aluminum rod with lower operating costs, higher reliability and simplified operations as well as aluminum ultrasonic degassing systems. Today, more than half of the world’s continuous-casting electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper rod capacity use SCR technology.
  • Watteredge designs and manufactures flexible high amperage electrical cable, bus bars and other custom fabricated products for industrial applications.
  • TRC specializes in high IP-content electrical system components that monitor, detect, interpret, actuate and communicate the status of electrical circuits for both the commercial and military markets.
Tools & Assembled Products Division

With a broad offering of contractor equipment, hand tools and test and measurement devices, Southwire supports both contractors’ and electricians’ needs across the company’s various business units. Southwire’s three main brands include Southwire (our professional/ trade brand); Woods® (our consumer products brand); and Moonrays® (our outdoor products brand). Combined with Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® platform, the tools unit makes Southwire an industry leader in cable pulling, handling and installation.

International Division

A variety of industries including mining, oil and gas, industrial and commercial construction, transmission, distribution and renewable energy use our leading-edge products around the world. Southwire sells our products in the 67 countries shown below.